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GoR will expand Internet Go exchange projects to China. Since we were in close relationship with Su Yaoguo 9d, we planned to oraganize a Go exchange with Guanzhou, Su's hometown. The games will start at October 1st, 2017, 2pm(1pm in Guangzhou). The games will be held at Fox Go Server, and each team will have 7 players.



We are aiming to show a new form of international exchange by utilizing GO and IT. We will practice our basic concept: “Respect for the Individual/ Human Networks”, And export this idea to China. On the other hand, 45 years have passed since the restoration of diplomatic ties between Japan and China. We are grateful to join the celebration.



19$\times$19 board will be used. Black will give 6.5.
Two games will be held. The total of wins will determine the winning team.
40 minutes + 30 second countdown $\times$3 per player.
Any undo is unacceptable.


(Left: China, Right: Japan)
Guohua. F vs. Hiroshi. M
Zihan. Z vs Dezhi. K
Mufei. W vs Reiko. T
Hongze. L vs Yuri. U
Ruipu. L vs Fumiaki. S
Jinci. J vs Jigu. P
Jianshen. Z vs Shun. Y
Total score was 7-7.


The organizers appreciate to the supports from Yokohama City Board of Education and Japan-China Friendship Association.

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