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Activities of GoR

We have a regular meeting once every month and discuss new ways to promote Go based on our Philosophy. We have done following things so far.

Creation of a Document Concerning Promotion of Go.

We have created a thirty-page document “Think tank Go Renaissance Report” in August, 2013.
The report discusses three models to diffuse Go.
The models are “Expansion Model,” “Organization Model” and “Revenue Model,” which is based on the concepts of “Complexity” and “Respect for the Individual/ Human Networks.”
The document has been distributed to professional Go players who belong to the Nihon Ki-in and to those who work on promoting Go.
If you are interested in the document, please email to


Practice of New-generation Organization Model

On the basis of the document described above, GoR employs a unique form of organization, which is different from traditional Go organization.
GoR consists of members with various ages and backgrounds in order to have broad perspectives.
Also, GoR is paying attention to the rapid advance of IT.
In addition, although many Go organizations are facing with funds shortage, GoR copes with it by investing in stocks.


Supporting and Managing Events


GoR actively supports and manages new events.
GoR supported Go exchange projects between Brest (France) and Yokosuka (Japan) (Feb. 2015), Grenoble (France) and Yokosuka (Nov. 2015), Rennes (France) and Sendai (Japan) (May 2017), Japan and China (October 2017), and Rennes (France) and Kawasaki (Japan) (June 2018).
A team of youth named “Shicho” was established for the projects.
GoR supports international exchanges through Go by youth. Visit Shicho’s webpage for more information.