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Philosophy of GoR

Situation of Japan and Go world

Today, Japan is facing tough challenges.
There are many issues that have to be solved, such as economic and political stagnation, recovery from great east Japan earthquake and other social issues.
Similarly, circumstances of Go in Japan is difficult.
Hikaru no Go boom in Japan has passed, and the number of young Go players has been decreasing.
On the other hand, technologies have been advanced, and a new Internet era has come. For example, people have started using smartphones and communicating on social network services (SNS) such as Twitter and Facebook.


Coming of a new era of the Internet and establishment of Go Renaissance

We cannot ignore the fact that the coming of a new era has increased complexity and has changed people’s lifestyles.
More and more people play Go online rather than playing face to face today.
Thus, in order to disseminate Go, strategies which adjust the Internet era are needed.
On the basis of such an idea, Go Renaissance (GoR) was established as a small think tank under Kanagawa Go Association.
GoR has started its activities focusing on “complexity” and “respect for individual/ human networks," which are important for understanding and adjusting to the complex age.


Mission of GoR


GoR has set goals to propose fascinating Go life to all generations, and organization models and tangible measures which adapt to Internet era.
In order to achieve such goals, GoR has a meeting every month and has been working on various activities since 2011.
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