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Japanese Organizations

Nihon Kiin
An organization dedicated to the development of Kido (the way of Go) and the advance of its culture.

Kanagawa Go Association
An organization which aims the advance of the go culture, and the increase of go fans in and around Yokohama.



Kanto Students go association
Kanto students go association is a student organization that conducts go-related events for students in Kanto (areas in around Tokyo).

B League
B league is a large-scale go exchange project in Tokyo, which objective is to provide the opportunity of exchanges for technical college, undergraduate and graduate students.
In Tokyo, elected students who work to assist this project are the members of the B League Administration Committee (BLAC) .

Yokohama City University Go Club
A go club in Yokohama City University.

Foreign Links

A go-related organization which locates in Brest,France.

A card game made by a French Go club.

Go Salon

Uchu Kiin
A go salon that Mr. Hirayama owns in Yokohama.