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GoR will hold the 4th Japan-France Internet Go Exchange between Rennes. Each team will have 5 players, and all games will be held at OGS on 30th June 4pm (Japan time).  


We are aiming to show a new form of international exchange by utilizing Go and IT. We will practice our basic concept: “Respect for the Individual/ Human Networks”, And export this idea to France.


Generally, it is considered that international exchanges are expensive. The exchanges previously held were 1 to 1, and had many requirements (place, player level, player number, game rules etc.). But advances of IT may allow us to achieve international go exchanges more easily. By setting "non-expensive" as the main axis, we will aim that not only the participants enjoy games and international relations, but also allow players to improve their internationality, Internet utilization, and study motivation. The know-how that we obtained in this exchange will be applied to future multinational go exchanges.

Time Schedule

(Japan time)
15:30 Connection test
16:00~Introduction of Japanese players
16:05~Introduction of French players
16:10~18:00 Game (1 game)


19$\times$19 board will be used. Black will give 6.5 if same level.
1 stone per 1 level difference.
45 minutes + 30 second countdown $\times$5 per player.
Any undo is unacceptable.