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International exchange through Go

What is Shicho?

Shicho was established for a Go exchange project between Japan and France.
Shicho is composed mainly of High school and university students from Kanagawa prefecture.
The main focus of Shicho is on the exchanges through Internet.
There are seven students in Shicho.


What we do.

We are planning to hold a team competition with Western League through KGS in early 2015.
Through the event, we hope that go players in Japan and France get to know and interact with each other more.
Also, we hope that French people will understand GoR’s philosophy.
We would like to create new connections beyond borders.


Kevin Cuello came to Japan


Vice president of the Western League, Kevin Cuello, came to Japan and interacted with GoR Shicho members.
Here are some photos and a game record.

Chairperson of GoR, Mr. Hirayama and Mr. Cuello had a conversation when Kevin-san attended GoR meeting as a guest.

Japanese Students and Mr. Cuello interacted with each other at a tournament held in Yokosuka.

The leader of Shicho and members of Yokosuka Go Association participated in Kevin-san’s Farewell party.

Memorial match

Black:Iwasaki(GoR) White:Kevin  Black resigned by 122

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